Here what some of Dee’s students have to say about Free Spirit Yoga Studio.

“When I enter Free Spirit Yoga Studio, I know I will find a sanctuary for calm and strength that helps me balance my busy lifestyle.”
–Kelly, Nichols Hills, OK

“Yoga is a way to honor the spirit within. Dee helps with the journey of self-discovery.”
–Rose, Oklahoma City

“Dee’s blending of the spiritual and the physical aspects of yoga exhibits her profound knowledge of the discipline.”
–Elizabeth Muller, Edmond, OK

“Dee Mathis has increased my strength and flexibility. She never pushes you too far for your physical ability at that time. She is the best; don’t know what I would do without her!”
–Joyce M, Edmond, OK

“Dee’s private yoga sessions have helped me with relieving stress and anxiety. I am thankful for the spiritual part of yoga that connects me to God and lets me know that the Lord is taking care of me and everything that happens in my life. Free Spirit Yoga is a blessing to many.”
–Dixie Thomas, Oklahoma City, OK

“Coming to Free Spirit Yoga has made all the difference in my life. Because of a chronic pain condition, I was seeing a physical therapist regularly. But I wouldn’t follow through with the simple exercises he gave me to do at home. I’d been hearing about Dee Mathis and her gentle approach for a while. After trying her classes, I can’t stay away! Her style of yoga has me free of pain. I am forever grateful!.”

“Best yoga teacher. I always feel loved and blessed when I leave.”

“Yoga with Dee keeps me flexible and moving with ease. I highly recommend her classes.”

“Dee’s classes are refreshing for any age–she focuses on relaxation, flexibility, and release of stress – so important for health! I’ve been practicing with her for 8 years. I always feel better.”