Class Fees

Group Yoga Classes:  Monthly Rates

For practice once a week tuition is usually $40 a month, unless there are 5 weeks in the month, then tuition is $50 a month.

For practice twice a week, tuition is a flat $80 a month.

For unlimited practice 3 to 9 times week, tuition is $100.


Single Classes:

  1. One group class is $12
  2. Two group classes is $24
  3. Three group classes is $36


Private Classes:

A private yoga class(one student) is $75

Semi-private class(two students) is $80

A private class for three people is $90

A private class for four people is $100

A private class for five or more is $20 each.


Massage and Reiki Healing:

Dee’s massage is $90 for two hours*

Dee’s Reiki Healing is $70 for an hour and half*

Dee’s hand and foot massage is $40



There is a Free Meditation Class on Sunday morning.

Please let me know that you will attend 405-412-3582 (Dee)

Please visit